Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance : Assures the policyholder of a risk cover, not just for a term, but throughout his / her life.
Term Insurance :
Term Insurance needs you to pay a nominal premium amount for a specified term and you get a substantial sum assured for your family
Endowment Plans : Endowment Plans promise risk cover with returns.
Money Back Plans : These are designed for those who prefer periodic payments during the policy term rather than getting a lump sum amount . 
ULIPs : A midway between insurance and investment, ULIPs guarantee to give you the best of both worlds.
Child Plans : Our most treasured assets are our children. Make sure money doesn't act as a stumble in their way to success.
Retirement Plans : Today you have money, but you are out of time. Make sure when you'll have time, you don't get out of money.

General Insurance

Car Insurance: It not only insures your car for damage but protects you against any lawsuit or damage caused by your vehicle to other property or in person.
Health Insurance: Health is wealth. It saves your wealth in the event of any hospitalization.
Travel Insurance: You never know what might come upon you whilst abroad. Whether you are on a vacation or a business visit, put your mind at ease by getting insured before you set off on your expedition.
Home Insurance: Safeguard your home, sweet home against natural and man-made disasters.
Corporate Insurance: What better way to make your employees happy than giving them health and accidental coverage.
Critical Illness Cover: against commonly known Critical Illnesses. Safeguard yourself against steep treatment & diagnostics costs.
Personal Accident: Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Cover yourself & family against accidental death & disability.

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General Insurance
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Life Insurance
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